Team D12

We are a Offical clan. The leaders are: D12-Stormy, d12 doggo. We are recruiting u People who feel like there underrated. It does not madder how many subscribers you have on anything. All we c as re about is talent. Join our discord to learn more.
Skrim player. You have to have 2k+ Arena points and have won money from a tournament. Trickshoters You obviously have to trick shot. But you also have to be in a lot of Teamtages. I do not care about your platform all you need to do is hit your sniper shots. Member. You have to either do a RC or 1v1 one of the leaders. You also have to be bnb over 12 with a working mic. Editor. You have to be editing a lot of montages. So show us 2 montages you have made. Don't take one from YouTube we will find it. You don't need a working mic but must be over 11.
Video Clips
Youtube: ACootDoggo12