GSL clan

Looking for people to game with and hopefully find a more competitive team to play with on a schedule or to play with for the memes Either way everyone is welcome if you join looking to help get something better we’ll help you out or if you’re just a beast at the game I’m in need of a duo RULES -don’t join if you’re weak hearted (take offence easy, don’t like name calling and gets salty when someone says something as a joke) -must be age of 14 to join any younger will be kicked -Must have a mic for communication More will be added as time goes on Contact info Its.t50 (Snapchat) Trentin_taylor(Instagram/Twitter)
MORDERN WARFARE -Over the age of 14 -mic -level 55+ -English
Video Clips
Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern Warfare
Its.t50 (Snapchat) Trentin_taylor(Instagram/Twitter)