The best way to find an esports team

Axon connects gamers to eSports teams.

Esports has seen tremendous growth in the last few years, and from broadcasting tools to coaching platforms, we’re starting to see products popping up at an unprecedented rate. However, we think there’s still a massively unserved area – helping players build and find teams.

It’s still far too difficult for a player to find a competitive team to practice with long-term.

Similarly, teams that don’t have the brand and following of Team Liquid or Evil Geniuses have a difficult time recruiting players. We think this is mostly because there isn’t a clear “go to” hub for finding gamers interested in Esports. 

Therefore, we intend for Axon to be the best way to find an esports team.

There are two sides to our strategy:

  • Introducing players to competitive teams
  • Providing teams with recruitment tools to scout the players in our network

The first step we’re taking is player profiles.

Player profiles contain games, stats, and contact information to help teams find you

The obvious first step is letting everyone know who you are, what games you play, and at what skill level.

One of the problems we have with message boards and chat rooms is that players don’t give much detail about their capabilities in their posts. We’re making it easier. You can share your Axon profile on any Fortnite or Apex Legends LFG (Looking for Group) board and instantly let everyone know exactly who you are, what level you’re at, and how to contact you.

The second big feature is browse.

Browse allows esports teams to find exactly which players they're looking for by stats.

We know scrolling through an unorganized list of thousands of players just isn’t useful. So we wanted to provide a simple way for scouts to find exactly who they are looking for.

Have a Call of Duty team playing Black Ops 4? Looking for a new Flex player with a certain KDA? Our browse feature lets you drill down into our database of players to find who you’re searching for by position, rank, and other metrics.

This is just the beginning of our crazy ride to make Axon single best way for players to find an esports team.

Edit: We’ve likely made a lot of progress since this post, go to to see the latest!

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