Getting Ready for Competitive PC Gaming

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Getting Ready for Competitive Gaming

The first step to becoming a competitor in the world on esports and competitive gaming is to ensure that you’re in the right place to play. This is the first step before you make your mark in the online world.

It’s all well and good having the aim of Shroud, the DOTA 2 mind of EternalEnvy or the Fortnite building knowledge of Myth, but if you’re not playing in the right circles and with or against the right players, your depth of skill can only take you so far.

Get to the Right Place

When you sign up at, you put yourself on the competitive gaming map. It’ll help elevate your esports career to the next level by connecting to teams, players and sponsors that have the same mindset as you. You’ll be able to grow your own brand and develop your skills through carefully curated content that will be specific to you and your play style.

Being in this position when playing and competing will put you with like-minded individuals and give you the opportunity to rise up and move on to the next level. While ranked matchmaking in most games is effective and oftentimes enjoyable, there’s no long-term solution in progressing.

Gone are the days of forums and pickup groups, ushering in the age of letting gamers put faith into algorithms to scout and draft players into competitive teams. Once you’ve signed up and created your Axon profile, tweaked it to give everyone around you the details as to what you’re all about, you get connected up to the rest of the gaming sphere to long-term teams, ideal for your rank, skill and ability.

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While this is all an important part in the world of competitive esports, there are other factors at play too. The world’s best players compete with high-end equipment and peripherals and this is just another step in perfecting your game and letting you compete on an even playing field.


Perhaps one of the most important pieces of gaming equipment, after having a rig capable of playing games at a high frame rate, the monitor becomes your eyes to the esports world. Whether you’re shopping around for different panels, trying to hit the best frequencies or find response rate to be the most important thing, a monitor can make or break many gamers, especially in the first-person shooter world.


For lack of a better word, the panel is basically the screen that is housed inside all of that plastic. There are different types of panel that work for better purposes such as TN, IPS and VA panels. In terms of bang for buck, TN panels are the cheapest but have limited viewing angles, uneven backlighting, higher motion blur, input lag and can have stuck or dead pixels.

IPS panels were specifically made to address the shortcomings of the TN panels and offer high contrast ratios, color accuracy and more, they are a lot pricier on average. Finally, the VA panels are a solid medium between the two, they offer a better performance than most TN panels at less of a price than the IPS panels.


This is the refresh rate of the monitor. When playing a game, signals get sent to the monitor to change the images and have them refreshed every second. If you’re running a 144Hz monitor, it draws the images 144 times per second. You want to match your frames per second with your frequency, so that every time your gaming rig draws a new screen, the monitor shows it happening in real time.

Response Rate:

A monitor’s response rate is measured in milliseconds and is listed as the time it takes for a pixel to go from one color to another. If your monitor is a 2ms monitor, it means it can quickly switch between the two, and the lower rate is best.


While being able to see well with a monitor is an important advantage to have, the same is true for hearing, especially in first-person shooter games. You’ll need to be able to hear what’s going on in games in order to perform at your best level.

If you happen to play something like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or PUBG, you will find that sound is an important factor. Hearing someone take a step near you or dropping a weapon or even reloading can give you a tip off, knowing that there’s an enemy in your immediate vicinity. Being able to hear them first will give you a leg-up on the competition because you can anticipate a shot when wait around a corner.

Another important headphone use is for VOIP. Usually players will use programs like Discord or other voice-over programs to talk to each other. Some in-game voice communications do exist, but many find them to be a little delayed and communicating information as quickly as possible is paramount, which is why people opt for third-party software at times.


Last, but definitely not least, having a good mouse is another tool in your arsenal that you can use to beat the rest.

Players will have different mouse grips and it’s important to define which one suits you best. Palm grip, claw grip and tip grip are all pretty self-explanatory, but all have different outcomes when looking for a mouse.

If you have a palm grip, getting a mouse with a lot of side buttons can sometimes be a hinderance as you might accidentally push them. It also means you can usually have a heavier mouse should you need one. The claw grip allows for speedier movements and favors shorter and slimmer mouse shapes.

The tip grip is the complete minimalist style and only has a few points of contact on the mouse. This will force the player into using a very light mouse that is often smaller than others.

In terms of making it all the way to the upper echelons of competitive gaming, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and practice. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible though, and the best part of having the right tools is knowing that you may be able to achieve your dreams without holding anything else back.

Hopefully this helps guide you in the right direction just in time for the holidays, but first be sure to sign up at and connect with the hundreds of esports teams and thousands of players taking their game to the next level!

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