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One of the questions users ask us the most about is how to find a gaming sponsorship for their YouTube or Twitch channel. So we decided to put together a bit of info for everyone.

We’ll keep this post aimed particularly at newer streamers and teams.

First let’s define a sponsorship.

A sponsorship is a formal relationship between you and a brand in which they support you in some way in exchange for either your endorsement or access to your audience.

There are a number of ways sponsors might support you. We’ll cover a few here.


Players and teams with very large followings are able to sometimes command cold hard cash from brands. This is a very late stage possibility so we won’t spend much time on it here. 


Companies often give sponsorships in the form of product. For instance, Corsair provides a full peripheral set for gamers with large followings.


Gamers early on in their professional careers will find affiliate programs the most approachable ways to get early support from companies. Some affiliate programs give more support to players than others, but these can be considered sponsorships.

You’re probably already familiar with affiliate programs – the gist is that you help a brand sell a product or service, and you get a kickback in the form of either product of money. For instance, if enough of your followers buy a Vertagear or Opseat chair, you can get one for free.



The Youtube Partnership program allows content creators to monetize their videos directly through Google Adsense, gain access to tools within the platform, and retain the copyright of uploaded content.


Once a Twitch affiliate graduates to a Twitch partner they have the option to make money from not only subscriptions and bits, but they can potentially renegotiate percentages on subs, get access to ad revenue and partner-only events, swag, and a real sick checkmark on your profile.

Getting Sponsors


Remember, this is a give and take relationship. Sponsors want to feel that you will give them a good return on their investment. Similarly, later in your gaming career you might turn down a sponsor who is only willing to contribute $10 a month to your channel if there are more effective ways to spend your time and effort.

That being said, most sponsors have minimum audience size requirements.

These requirements vary, but often take the form of: average daily views, number of YouTube or Twitch subscribers, average views per video, or website traffic.

Personal Brand

If you’re looking to get a gaming sponsorship for your Twitch or YouTube channel, one of your top priorities should be your personal brand. Check out this video for an overview of what personal brand is.

You need to have a strong social media presence, engage with your followers regularly, and have a personality that fits well with the sponsor you’re approaching. You have to be the type of person that the company feels well-represents their brand and interests.

How sponsors think about your brand

You might be surprised by how sensitive sponsors can be to things like language and personalism. Remember, this is a business transaction, and you are often asking to be the “face” of their company.

It’s impossible to know who the final decision makers are, so don’t expect them to all be younger gamers who are comfortable with what you might considered friendly streaming banter. It’s your job to convince them that you are an entertainer that takes your business seriously, and that you take their business seriously.

That being said, you’re an entertainer first. Be funny, be yourself, be engaging, and be consistent.

For the love of god, don’t drop “Follow me on Twitter @someusername” all over the place and expect that to grow your audience.

That’s lazy. Don’t be lazy.

Spend a small amount of extra time crafting an interesting message for promotions. Give people a reason to follow your Twitter. What do you do there? Is there a hot new post? Why should they follow you?

Content is King

If you’re unsure about what to do next, or where to even start…

Create. More. Content.

It’s probably a better use of time to stop reading this article and start streaming… but don’t do that 😉

If you want to grow a large following, stream more often, publish more videos, post and engage on Twitter.

The one thing everyone can improve on, regardless of what stage you’re at is the amount of regularly published content they push out. This will often have the most dramatic impact on the growth of your audience, and remember, that’s the primary metric sponsors look at.

The second most dramatic impact obviously comes from signing up at where we help gamers find Esports teams. 😛 We’ll be doing everything we can to help gamers land Twitch & Youtube sponsorships as time goes on!

Just to point you in the right direction, here’s a list of gaming sponsorships and affiliate programs that don’t require a massive following to get started with.



Cinch Gaming

Rogue Energy

GT Omega

Gamma Labs – G fuel





These links were verified on Aug. 6 2019.

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