Esports team profiles, content posts, and video clips, oh my!

Find an Esports Team

Axon just hit a huge milestone – we launched Esports team profiles and we couldn’t be more happy to tell you about it! This a massive step in mission of helping gamers find Esports teams.

While we’re at it we’ll show off the new “Content” posts for the feed and embedded video clips on player and team profiles.

Team Profiles

Esports teams can now build Axon profiles to let you know what they’re about and what their requirements are. We’ve already had a lot of chatter in the platform, and people started scheduling team tryouts for a few days ago!

If you’re a player looking to find an Esports team, this is the perfect opportunity to reach out directly to the Admin of the team page and see if you have what it takes!

Likewise, if you have an Esports team, come make a profile at It’s super quick, first you make a personal page, then create your team.

ViZR Clan Esports Team Recruiting

ViZR Clan’s Axon Profile and Instagram.

Content Posts

Originally, the feed was a place to post Looking for Group (LFG) posts for games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. Well it still is, but you can also make “Content” posts.

We’re categorizing the content by game to keep your feed relevant to things you care about. So if you want to post your sick Black Ops 360 no scope montage, you better have Black Ops as a game on your profile!

We’ll post cool info in there too, like ways to help gamers find YouTube or Twitch sponsors!

Don’t worry, interactions like comments are on the way! 😃

DOTA 2 The International 2019 Esports Post

Video Clips

The first thing a scout is going to do when they check out your Axon profile is look for some proof that you “fit the bill.” So we made a way for you to embed highlight reels or other gameplay directly onto your profile. At the moment you can throw up YouTube videos and Twitch clips and video – streams are on the way!

Teams can do the same, so when you’re building out your team profile, be sure to share some good footage with the rest of us and entice those applicants.

Axon Gaming Esports Player Profile

Before you run away, be sure to sign up at and find an Esports team!

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