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How it works

Want to find a long-term team that’s serious about “taking it to the next level?”

Let’s face it, pubs suck. Ranked matchmaking is great for putting together two teams that have similar average stats, but that’s all. And there’s nothing longterm about it.

Your current options to find a well balanced, long-term team?

Grab a handful of your buddies and roommates? Most of ours either work all the time, or are bad. You could always send out desperate friend requests to randoms in public lobbies or sign up on some circa 2006 forum. We think it’s a job for computers, and past time to let Skynet do its thing.

We’re the only service that algorithmically scouts and drafts players into competitive teams.

That’s where we come in

First, you’ll create an Axon profile that describes the games you’re passionate about, any preferred positions you play, your availability, and any awesome gear you’re using.

Then, through a combination of stats you provide and accounts you allow us to sync with (such as Steam and, we algorithmically connect you to others in the industry using Artificial Intelligence.

It’s that simple!

We highly encourage you to use your profile as a marketing tool for yourself, your brand, and your skills. (Or at least save you from typing “yeah, I’m actually 4.5k MMR in Dota” over and over.)

What's an Axon?


Contrary to what you probably expect… our co-founders are a bunch freaking nerds. So naturally, when spitballing names for a network focused on algorithmically connecting members of the gaming community, they landed on Axon and loved it.

So a little neuroscience.

Neurons communicate through electrical impulses called “action potentials.” The structure that these impulses travel through are (you guessed it) Axons.

Get it?

The “network” does more than create teams. We also...

  • Provide you with a platform to be scouted from by Esports teams and sponsors via not only game stats, but crowdsourced feedback on how you perform in team dynamics.
  • The perfect opportunity for sponsors to find up-and-coming competitive players and streamers.
  • A marketplace place for coaches, shoutcasters, and analysts to promote their products and services.
  • Interviews and guides to assist you on your journey to the spotlight.
So let’s get you started.Get Started